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Bridging the Communication Gap between you & your Dog



Pups with Grandma


Willow will be having her first litter around May 15!!!  

we are all soo excited

Willow is OFA certified "clear" on elbows & "Good" on hips & was bred to "FLAME" who also has "clear" elbows & "Fair" hips

Flame is the dad of Willow's sister's last 2 litters of which produced 3 service animals...  those puppy pics are below

Contact us if you have an interest in one of willows pups




Who are we?

We are a dog training company for all ages, sizes and temperaments. We service customers both in and out of state.


What type of training do we specialize in?

We train service dogs, therapy dogs and companion dogs as well as offer specialized services such as breed and puppy selection.

We also work with local rescues to rehabilitate dogs for placement in loving homes


Why choose Us?

A Customized Experience - we create a "partnership" between you and your dog.

Our program is designed to understand how your dog thinks and combine that with what your needs are. We don't just teach your pet how to perform actions; our uniqueness is that we bridge the communication gap between you and your dog.


Proven Program Focus - We have successfully trained close to 3000 dogs - The program focus is simple...

STEP 1:  Build confidence in your dog

STEP 2:  Teach your dog to look to you for direction

STEP 3:  Teach you and your family what your dog has learned in 1 on 1 sessions


Pack Socialization - Your pup will be surrounded with well-adjusted CGC certified dogs that teach your dog proper pack behaviors.


We keep you Involved - this is a partnership.

Open Visitation  - We invite you to come as often as you can to be part of your dogs training.

                   1 on 1 training sessions with you and your family = success

Communication - we regularly send photos and video of your dog 


 What can you look forward to after training?

A completely different relationship and deeper love for your dog - We teach you to speak your dog's language resulting in a unique partnership that other dog owners will be envious of.


Additional Benefits?

After training, if you choose to board with us or take advantage of our puppy playdays, your pet will enjoy a smooth transition to our home environment

We pride ourselves on your dog being returned to you with the same or better behaviors as when you dropped them off.